With the long term experiences in the machine vision & imaging application and comprehensive engineering knowledge about 2D / 3D vision technologies, we can understand the exact point of customer’s requirements and provide the right solution for customers. We sincerely want to be the long term partner and grow with customers’ growth. When customers meet the challenging issue on vision inspection and feel the difficulties, we willing to join customers’ difficulties and go forward together as your trustful partner.

Novità + Technology : New Technology
Novelty of Vision Technology
Novitec [伸びていく] : ‘Growing / Expanding’ from the Japanese Pronunciation

Long term relationship with customer, employee, suppliers and partners is the most important value of Novitec.
To make the Long term relationship with others, we will be the trustful Imaging Expert, development partner and vision solution provider.

To be a trustful - Imaging Expert / Development Partner / Vision Solution Provider
Our expert helps customer’s challenging imaging applications. We offer a wide variety of imaging products and technology services ranging from technical
   consultant to complete vision system development.

2012. 08. 01    Take a decisive Step for New challenge with new Partners
2012. 09. 25    Four founders open the Novitec Co., Ltd.
2012. 10. 05    Open a New Office in Seoul
2012. 10. 10    Launching a New Company Web site

311~313, 7-28, Sincheon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Rebublic of Korea   l  T : +82-70-7122-1000   l   F : +82-70-7159-1315   l  E-MAIL : info@novitec.co.kr