Novitec is a young innovative company focused on the development and distribution for 2D vision components and 3D vision solutions for the automation and quality
   assurance in the fields of automobile, electronics, shipbuilding, aerospace, bio-technology and etc.

Novitec focuses on developing the new 3D devices for non-contacting 3D shape measurement and the software for processing,
   analyzing through visionary research and development projects with academic and industrial partners.

Image Processing for Spherical / Stereo vision
Based on the precise 2D calibration, large size stitched spherical image can be acquired from multiple camera combination and 3D disparity image can be extracted from the stereo processing. Stereo vision is very popular as object avoidance sensing device for Mobile robot and AGV devices.

3D image processing for Structured Light / Laser Triangulation
Structured-light 3D scanners project a pattern of light on the subject and look at the deformation of the pattern on the subject. A camera, offset slightly from the pattern projector, looks at the shape of the line and uses a technique similar to triangulation to calculate the distance of every point on the line.

Quality Testing / Assurance for Optical devices
Image resolution is the one of the key factor that we can determine the optical quality and performance. Basically, resolution quantifies how close lines can be to each other and still be visibly resolved. Line pairs are often used instead of lines; a line pair comprises a dark line and an adjacent light line. A line is either a dark line or a light line.

Embedded Vision System Programming
Embedded vision is merging of the embedded systems and the computer vision. An embedded system is usually recognized as a microprocessor & embedded Linux based real-time processing system.

System / Application SW Programming – C, C++, C#, Java and etc
We can support various Programming languages following the customers’ needs. Nevertheless there are many kinds of Programming languages, there are almost no differences in algorithm because the key of SW Programming for image processing is using the same computer algorithm.

Customized Vision System Design for 3D inspection
3D vision systems often require combining a number of software and hardware components – projection lights, imager, optics and mechanical structures. To design a reliable 3D vision system, all components are well conditioned and efficiently coordinated in one vision system.

Distance Measurement System based on Laser interferometer
Laser interferometers are widely used for the measurement of small displacements, refractive index changes, surface irregularities. Interferometry uses of the principle of superposition to combine waves in a way that will cause the result of their combination to have some meaningful property that is diagnostic of the original state of the waves.

Large Area 3D Optical Tracker
Optical tracking is used to keep track on various objects, including airplanes, launch vehicles and satellites. It has the advantage of providing high resolution image of the target being tracked. The optical imaging system is responsible for converting the light from the target area into digital image that the tracking computer can process.

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